On the first few dates, dudes should not say this. Venting #1.

How can this happen over and over again?

Here’s the scene: First date.

“My wife decided to freeze me out. I think it was the Change. You know how that can affect you. I tried to keep the marriage together. It’s all about my family, you know.”

A few hours later, as we’re parting ways, he kisses me. I’m thinking, “If he kissed his wife this badly I can see why she didn’t want him! What a complete asshole. He got to this age and kisses so badly?!”

But I think about how many women put up with or friggin’ LIE to men, telling them they are wonderful lovers and faking orgasms. This is a recipe for THEIR future misery and THEY have caused it. Lying to a man about his performance is a way to have a terrible marriage and a guarantee that you will become a frustrated bitch. All the time I hear men say with a big smile, “Oh  you’re so wrong Nina, I can tell if she’s had an orgasm. Yes I can.”

No you can’t. The closest you can get is if the tip of her tongue gets cooler, but that’s so vague.

But hear me out; I’m pissed at the women for lying to their lovers. I recently dated a man who was married a million years and was a horrible spontaneous “tonsil diver.” His hugs were stiff and he stuck his chest out when you went to hug him. So weird. There is no way his dead wife could have enjoyed his non-sensual insult on her mouth. And the fact that he didn’t tune in to how I wanted to be kissed shows he’s not worth my precious time.

Venting #2 will be about discussing his job.


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