Living in the city and watching the new police horses being trained.

I love living in the city. I love living in the country. When the two elements meet, I have more depth of perspective because I’ve lived long times in both environments. In my memoir, From Sun to Sun, I try to show the reader how tricky it was to live full time on the farm and the violence of nature. Admiring a red tail hawk perched on the peak of the barn is one thing, but watching it scoop down and grab a kitten, are two different experiences!

This blog pertains to watching the new police horses being trained. My daughter took formal dressage lessons, show jumping lessons and cross country jumping lessons from the best of the best trainers. But these cops get on the “virgin to the city” horses, and as take them down the street at a fast trot, the one horse I watched three days ago was bolting sideways, spooking at fire hydrants, Mopeds and food carts. The cop just kept posting, pushing the horse forward, trying to not let the horse think about it. These cops are such damn good riders!

I went to where he met up with four other police officers and had to say something. Philly cops are hilarious and when I asked him if he was on a new horse he just said, “What makes you think that? We’re gonna practice being upside down and backwards later.” These cops are just so darn adorable. Of course I had a million questions for them about their riding history, how they train the horses, how they got interested in this…

I love this city; I truly do.

(btw. This photo is in London.)


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