Sweat, snot and tears

As a former intensive care unit nurse, my heart just cries for the staff who are taking care of the patients on ventilators and in the ICU during this pandemic. It’s hot as hell and your can’t go to the bathroom, and you must maintain a steady, loving presence for your patients. Even though there’s a cooling system in the PAPR and you can feel air moving, it’s still never the same as touch. I wonder if anyone realizes how hard it is when your tears are streaming down your face while you’re trying to be “strong.” This is when a big, compassionate heart is so necessary; the patients have no visitors, they know they are dying. It’s a super shitty disease. But you simply can’t let them down They need your talent. They need your efficiency. They need you desperately. Witnessing the patients loved one’s trying to communicate with them on the tablets must be heart-breaking for the staff. I just feel so badly and so proud of you. I want to hug all of you when this is over. From the extraordinarily essential environmental cleaners (aka janitors), to the dieticians, the valued social workers, pharmacists, RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS, doctors, techs, security guards and of course my beloved nurse colleagues…

A sincere hug and exhausted high-five to you. Take gentle care of yourself after this is over. You can email me at any time.


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