These letters keep me hopeful; knowing I didn’t write this book in vain.

Once in a while along comes a book that seems to rejig the cells of my soul through its humanity, beauty, and insight. This is such a book.

The stories shared by this caring nurse of the deeply intimate final journeys of her patients are full of the kind of wisdom that will stretch your heart in every direction, allowing you to glimpse the precious nature of what it means to fully embrace the human side of illness, to walk the patient’s way, and to blossom through curiosity and heart into the deepest compassion of our shared humanity. After all, just as we all need help to enter into this world, we all need help to leave it.

Tenderly written, with courage and insight, I deeply appreciated the author’s gratitude for the lessons she learned as she shared her patients most vulnerable and final moments. A gift, every single one.

You may cry, but likely you’ll find a kind of illumination that lets you look past our society’s neurotic fear of death and dying into the heart of what makes us all deeply human – – – and ultimately connected.

Read this book. You’ll be grateful you did.

………..Irene Allison