Who in the SEO world has skin in the game?

I miss simply writing for the sake of expressing my thoughts. I miss working with my editors and readers. When I moved into search engine optimization (SEO), my writing life took a deep dive, and the wobbly confidence I had pre-pub was nothing compared to the angst, smoke-and-mirrors and slight-of-hand the SEO people were singing and dancing to get my money. It made my life miserable.

My recurring thoughts are:

  1. “How come they can’t provide their daily work just as I have to?”
  2. Where does every penny of money go? List it. They don’t.
  3. Why can’t you guarantee sales or clicks?
  4. Why don’t you have a financial risk you’re taking if you believe in my work? (You said you do.)
  5. I found ONE company that does have skin in the game. It’s Books Go Social and it’s out of Ireland.  They reimburse you if they don’t perform. One. One company.

Okay. Done venting.